Alice, Zoe, Grace….strolling

Alice, Zoe, Grace….strolling, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

What a nice day today. 62 degrees!

We all got out to play, only on the sidewalk though…it is REALLY muddy everywhere. Like you get stuck and lose your boots muddy. Yuck. So we stuck to the sidewalk and garage skirt. Played with the cat and chalk and then went in when Zoe’s nose started running a little.


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Over Mama’s Shoulder

Over Mama’s Shoulder, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

Outside playing today…er, um, Zoe notsomuch. She doesn’t liek the feeling of the snow crunching beneath her. She seriously freaks out. So, upon the Mama she rode. I love that she rides and loves it.

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What the??

What the??, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

Does anyone know what this is?


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CLEAN CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

It’s clean……..FINALLY!!!


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Titania, Queen of the Fae, and a Baby Fae…Spinning

Titania, Queen of the Fae, and a baby Fae…Spinning, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

spinning, always spinning…


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Quite Possibly The Very Cutest Thrifted Coffee Cup EVER

Quite Possibly the Very Cutest Thrifted Coffee Cup EVER, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

I got this last week at the Share and care store up in Hackensack. The pic is a little fuzzy but you get what he looks like….

He needs a name….any suggestions?


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And the E?

And the E?, originally uploaded by GaiasRose.

Grace drew this picture this morning in her Book of Shadows. She then explained her name at the top. Here is how that conversation went:

“See Mama, Grace. G with a crown, R with a princess hat, A with a bow, C with a cowgirl hat….”

and here is where it gets slightly interesting…

“…and E with a cup of tea.”

“A cup of tea?” asks a confuddled Mama.

“Yes, a cup of tea on your head.”

oooooookaaaaaay then.


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